Detail Drawings
XF-CURB-001 08/01/2013
skylight/roof hatch detail (typical)
XF-CURB-002 08/01/2013
light/medium weight equipment curb
XF-CURB-003 08/01/2013
area divider (non-structural)
XF-CURB-004 08/01/2013
heavy equipment curb (mech stand)
XF-DRN-001 08/01/2013
typical roof drain detail
XF-EDGE-001 08/01/2013
typical drip edge detail (no riser)
XF-EDGE-002 08/01/2013
edge metal detail (raised edge)
XF-EDGE-003 08/01/2013
gutter detail
XF-EDGE-004 02/05/2014
through wall scupper
XF-EDGE-005 08/01/2013
scupper detail thru raised edge
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